Where is my homland

Where is my home?

I dont know. I have carried this question around with me for years without finding a satisfactory answer. What I do know is the best home for my pictures: a book with a protective cover. A roof and a safe ground and in between warm, spacious rooms, “living rooms”. And  a soul that holds everything together. This is the home that my pictures need and that I want to create for them.

The book should have a name, for example "Photographie du rève", it should have an address to which letters and flowers can be sent.

One should not only be able to explore the book with the eyes, but also with the fingers, the nose and the mind. It has to make you hungry, the book and the pictures have to have different levels that are slowly, gradually revealing themselves.

The home, the book, must always be new, and it must be addictive. After a while it should look like things that have lived intensively for a long time, pages with yellowed, worn, frayed edges.

The book should therefore consist of materials that age, but bravely fight against transience. This patina is said to ennoble the book and the pictures, to beautify this home and to fill it with my truth.


Yes, that's how I could imagine my home: a book for me and all my loved ones.