The Nothing-Box

 Nothing is the most important thing - because it is nothing!

10th of September 2019

This is my Nothing Box from which I take out a handful of nothing to liberate the nothingness with a fine brush from the layers that separate it from something. The more layers I wipe away, the more something comes to light. And then I start to see .... Pictures! A lot of darkness and some screaming colors, Red, Yellow and finally - the abyss that opens up becomes too huge and I try to save myself before devouring me. But then I become addicted to nothingness - I reach into her still and still and finally - the box is empty and I have to put her in the night next to my bed, so that she can soak up again with my dreams, hopes and yearnings to turn them into nothingness - the building material of my pictures.  (B. Kuert)