Beat once wrote to me:
"Susan, I want to compact the world and frame it in a single image" and this is exactly what I tried to do, to compact his world of imagination and his thirst for sensuality into a monograph that gathers together his vision, and his intuitive, complex, mysterious, unreal, and wild existence nourished by his passion for ethereal female beauty.

The result is a melancholic volume packed with emotion."

Susan A. Zadeh (Eyemazing Susan) /






Rolando Bellini: "... These distorted and stratified images also echo – beneath the surface – self-harm and other kinds of aggressiveness, the opacities and undue contaminations bestowed by the punk generation – we need merely think of the Sex Pistols – and ultimately approaching the confines of reality. ... Like everything else, they underpin the Dionysian Eros that pervades this volume like an airship, releasing a subversive dreamlike vision. The ensemble seems to take on a transfiguration that echoes fragments of the hypertext written by Friedrich Nietzsche, but interpreted from a suffocating standpoint dominated by Eros.  

Therefore, in the final analysis, the volume offers itself – as Susan so insightfully noted – as “a pictorial requiem to hallucination and desire."

BeatMe, a pictorial requiem to hallucinaton and desire, Eyemazing Editions 2017