against God Zeus and the System

Powerful thunderstorms all night long!

They barely let me sleep. Thunderstorms purify the air, they say, and maybe a lot more. Hopefully that's right!

Somehow I feel promising. It is as if  God Zeus personally threw himself on me with lightning and thunder that night to get me pregnant.

At least in Milan the lights went out and now people are sitting there in the dark, alone with the virus. No wonder everyone is scared and hiding behind masks. There are demonstrations against virus hysteria in some cities ...

I would like to participate but there is no such thing in our village. Such demos are prohibited in Zurich because they are against the system.

Instagram asks me to promote my new pictures because they are above average success! But when I do, they write to me that my pictures are rejected because they violate the system! Who is the system?

An algorithm!

I sent a protest to the algorithm and wrote it. If it doesn't want to promote art, it shouldn't force me to post it. When I wanted to save and send my mail, my Mac, which I've been on well with for decades, told me I had no permission to do so ....

Something is in the air, maybe a new virus that Zeus personally brought out of Olympus to completely destroy our belief in the world below. What is he trying to do with it?