It needs a fool to save the world


If I could choose between two bad solutions I would choose Trump. In a crazy time it needs a fool to save the world!  But regardless of,  in sight of a precipice to  go straight ahead is anyway not a good decision.

“Billy Name has begun his next great adventure”

This morning I finished to read POPISME The Warhol Sixties. On its last page there is the note by Billy Name written when he left his darkroom in the factory:

“Andy – I am not here anymore but I am fine Love, Billy”

Since I started to read about the sixties I found his name again and again and now finally I wanted to know, who was Billy Name? I looked up wikipedia and read:

Billy Name, William Linich, Jr. Februar 22.1940 – Juli 18. 2016. Billy Name died yesterday in New York.

Milk Studios, a New York City gallery that has shown Name’s work, confirmed news of his passing. Song Chong wrote in an email to The Huffington Post: “It is with tremendous sadness that we would like to announce that our dear friend and iconic artist Billy Name has begun his next great adventure.