The virologists, the black priests of the Corona mass

The virologists, the black priests of the Corona mass, try to give their orgy new food every day. They feed their holy fire with all kinds of waste that they find in newspapers, in orphaned factories, bars and churches. But believers are slowly losing their faith, and these priests have only one last resort, that of conjuring up the danger of death and eternal damnation.

They climbed, these idols, of which no one knew anything before, rose to the Olympus of science. Humanity hung on their lips and believed every word, even if they contradicted each other again and again. And now, so quickly, this festival should be over. No, the just launched guild of pandemic preachers will fight back with the help of the exceptions and self-proclaimed political leaders. Many years will pass, they say, until we can lead a normal life again. In the meantime, we will make sure that everybody is fine and that no one does anything without first asking our permission. (bk)