Good Morning Darkness

Venice Biennale 2017 / LVII Biennale d’arte di Venezia

The Palazzo Bembo on the Grand Canal near the "Ponte di Rialto" was the home of Beat Kuert's installation Good Morning Darkness during the Venice Biennale.

"Moral died with God" 2017

Darkness is my home, a place of safety. In the dark I find my pictures. It's not like you do not "see" in the dark. On the contrary, in the darkness all pictures are already there in their original state. It's like in a darkroom where I used to develop my pictures and bring them to life. Placed in the developer solution, the picture appeared.

I have mounted my pictures as if on a tape one behind the other so close together that they partially melt together. If you follow them with your eyes, they move, a kind of film, a story which, I hope, will later create new pictures and new stories again.

L’esposizione, dal titolo Good Morning Darkness, curata da Francesca Martire, è parte del progetto PERSONAL STRUCTURES - Crossing Borders, organizzato da European Cultural Centre, in collaborazione con Dust & Scratches, laboratorio creativo dell’artista.