"Kan - longing for rain"


The exhibition “Kan” is named after a trigram from The Book of Changes, a Chinese ancient classic. According to the book, “Kan” has the meaning of “fear, danger and rebirth out of desperation”. Perhaps the mysterious Chinese ancient “image” exactly matches Beat Kuert’s questioning and reading of the significance of life.
(Na Risong, Curator of the exhibition "Kan" in Beijing)

Zhang Xiaotao:

"Beat Kuert’s images include sensual female bodies, ruins, water, watermelon, dark passage-ways, and disordered rooms. These symbols or images constitute the logical connections within a certain language: The body becomes a landscape of desire, the battleground of desire, the instruments of desire, domination and submission, eroticism and violence, narcissism and self-torture, memory and forgetting, all magically intertwined.

... we see death, sensuality, beauty, and pleasure overlap, the meeting of the soul and the flesh, dreams and reality, the alternation between the body and its shadow. Perhaps when the body dies, the shadow is living. Is this the pain, the bliss and the sound of night’s boundless journey?"