Horse Whisperer or concerns with women

Many thoughts and ideas go through my head. Fortunately they have nothing to do with the Corona Virus. Above all, I am concerned with women, primarily those who live in my head and gut like Salome, Rosa, Viola and Beryl. They have set up their own home in me without paying me a cent rent or informing me of what they are doing. Sometimes I'm not sure who's in charge of me. They or me. And sometimes everyone speaks together at the same time and I no longer know who I am and what I do.
But then I read about a horse whisperer and I think it's probably not the whisperer who communicates with the horse, but a horse inside of him, or also a Salome or Viola who was a horse in previous life. Anyway, that's the reason why the horse listens to him and why it responds so amazingly to everything he says. And finally it is probably not the horse that reacts, but another being that lives in this horse, a sister of Rosa or perhaps some demon who has relatives in all of us. And if all of this is correct, then I, too, will be able to work as a horse whisperer or, in the absence of horses, I will try to start with the ants who have been visiting my room for a few days. (bk)

whispering horse
whispering horse (with Erica Tamborini)