July 2019



 “This month is something of a conundrum for you, Scorpio. On the one hand, you are focused of career goals, while on the other, largely internal, you are questioning and wondering what it all means. The retrograde of Mercury through your tenth house of profession and outer world statement begins on the 7th, although will likely be felt much sooner. This significant transit implies that you are in an introspective mode, searching within yourself, reviewing and revising especially issues of accomplishment and outer world reputation. This is not the time to push ahead, but rather to watch and wait, paying close attention to everything that happens with your life. You possess a strong idealistic streak these days, and your values and beliefs are also up for reconsideration. Partnership continues to be variable and full of unexpected insights; deep intuition is your friend. Issues of inner wounding could come up for you, and if so, in order that you better understand yourself in the deeper layers of your psyche.”

“By Henry Seltzer and Adam Elenbaas“