A haunting soundtrack draws you into an enigmatic space where narratives unfold, layer after layer. The images themselves conjure up stories without end or beginning, snapshots of experience and emotion. Or are these your own half-forgotten memories, returned to you again, here, in this labyrinthine world?

FaultLine / TimeLine by Beat Kuert is an acoustic happening where we explore sound, still and moving images: an installation with intersections and layers.

By entering the exhibition space you enter a different kind of city: a city both new and old, where memories and places merge, helping us to remember the events of our past, the roles we played, the places we visited and the people we met; a recollection of our dark memories for our bright future.

In this new old city, the soundtrack is delicate and hypnotic, at home in this zone, a magical sound is pushing you towards a fresh green labyrinth created to contain the innocent concealed sexual temptation that exists in each and every one of us. And now that you have arrived at this intersection, it is time to resurrect. Choose your path, a single path; close your eyes because you have no need of directions and enter this complex branching of images. There is no turning back. No future survivor escapes the past.  (Eyemazing Susan)