The primordial soup

The first version of my video "Ever hungry like a flame" has ended.

Something is slowly growing up.

The first versions of my work express the will to be perfect. The fact that they are not has the effect that I rework them again and again until they come so close to perfection that I see that perfection does not correspond to the meaning of my work. Perfection is beautiful, but beauty is boring and requires standing still.

I don't want to stand stil! I'm starting to build rapids into the flow of my video, rocks that resist the current. I wish that fish animate my river and hope that a monster may choose my river as his home. The monster should suddenly jump up and devour everything, so that there is room for something new. 

As in a dream, one world leaves its place to the other. Nothing is made to last. "Nihil est", everything comes and goes, is conceived, built to disappear again. 

And yet there is always an underground, something that always stays the same, firm and powerful. This is the primordial soup from where my pictures grow and fall back into it. And every now and then this primordial soil appears in all its power, dark and scary but also like a calming, all-encompassing home.