I am my picture

I am my picture

The ten commandments state: "You should not make up your own image of God or depict anything in the sky above, on the earth below or in the water under the earth."

The Protestants in particular have embraced this ban. I am baptized as a Protestant - and therefore I protest with all my strength against this idiotic commandment:

I take pictures, so many pictures that one day I will probably become an image of myself and can say that I have an image of myself homemade! A picture that changes every day, like that of Dorian Gray, it is becoming increasingly ugly.

But then I'll console myself and say that the picture doesn't show me at all, but the ugly world around me. I am just the mirror of this world, or the projection screen. My face shows innocent and naive that what is, nothing more and nothing less.

The fact that I look in the mirror and think I see myself is delusion, stupidity or masochism. It is the view and are the views of nothing!

Cogito, ergo ... non sum! Or something like that! (bk)