One and All / Eins und Alles

Those who want to pursue sensible thoughts about the world, life and the transience in these days and weeks (hopefully not years) must first forget everything that drives the world at the moment.
Best he takes refuge in the days when there were still wise people who knew how to think free of conspiracy theories, political correctness and fake news.

Apparently, the human ability to see what holds the world together is lost: but if one looks back just a few years, you will find so much truth that you think that humanity used to consist only of geniuses. Geniuses whose descendants are all atrophied and now have turned into idiots.

One and All
*...It must be moulded and keep moulding;
Sometimes but seeming rest ’twill gain.
The eternal stirreth in us all;
And into naught we all must fall,
If e’er in life we shall remain.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, „One and All“)

Each and All
... Over me soared the eternal sky,
Full of light and of deity;
Again I saw, again I heard,
The rolling river, the morning bird; —
Beauty through my senses stole;
I yielded myself to the perfect whole.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson „Each and All”) (1803 – 1882)