In the middle of the labyrinth


(Angelo Crespi)

There are few artists who have the vision or talent to show the full spectrum of human beings: from the sensual and the erotic, to the duality of being both the creator and the destroyer. Beat Kuert is one of the artists with the vision and talent to undertake such an endeavor and to do so with a unique mastery of color, form, movement and myth.

The density of a work of art is measured by the number of quotations they allow us, starting from a certain point, to tell a story or a series of stories, extending the narration in

concentric circles, or running through a maze, losing the way, coming back to where you started, or never finding the way back through the forking paths, because in the middle ofthe labyrinth is the life that the artist Beat Kuert is trying to represent and immortalise, using metaphors or symbols, and these too, by their very essence always refer to something more and are therefore limitless.  

Beat Kuert intentionally doesn’t provide long explanations about what’s inspired the work. He doesn’t need to. Each piece not only speaks for itself, it speaks personally to each viewer. Think whatever you want – and Beat’s work will make you think. But when you’re able to pull yourself away, you will find that the work has evoked in you a myriad of emotional responses that will stay with you for a very long time.